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Annuals/Perennials for Summer

Annuals/Perennials for Summer

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Ageratum 8-12 inches; plant year round; blooms June-Aug.; shade. Tender border plant. Small, fluffy light blue flowers.
Aster 12-24 inches; plant April-Nov.; blooms June-Sept.; semi-shade. Beautiful bedding plant.
Balsam 12-18 inches; plant April-June; blooms July-Nov.; shade. Old favorite for beds or borders.
Bells of Ireland 18-24 inches; plant year-round; blooms March-Aug.; shade. Green, bell-shaped flowers. Good for beds or use in flower arrangements.
Carnations 12-24 inches; plant year-round in sun; blooms from Feb. on.
Celosia(cockscomb) 12-30 inches; plant May-June; blooms July-frost; sun. Crested or plumed flowers. Very hardy.
Columbine 24-36 inches; plant year-round; blooms May-June; shade. Good for north location.
Coreopsis 24-36 inches; plant year-round; sun; blooms May-Sept. Golden yellow flowers. Very hardy.
Cosmos 36-72 inches; plant March-June; blooms July-Nov.; sun. Tall plant with sparse foliage. Good cut flower.
Cosmos (orange) 36-48 inches; plant March-June; blooms July-Nov.; sun. Very hardy. Good for cut flowers or screening.
Dianthus 10-15 inches; plant year-round; blooms 3-4 times/year; sun. Very hardy.
Dahlias (seed) 12-36 inches; plant March-Oct.; blooms June-Oct.; semi-shade. Excellent for cut flowers.
Delphinium 48-72 inches; plant Oct.-Feb.; blooms April-June; sun. Beautiful tall spikes of flowers.
Forget-Me-Not 10-12 inches; plant Sept.-Nov.; blooms Feb.-May; shade. Good for beds or borders.
Gaillardia 15-24 inches; plant year-round; blooms June-Nov.; sun. Very hardy, long flowering plant. Beds, borders, rockeries.
Gerbera Daisy 12-18 inches; plant year-round; blooms often during year; sun. Daisy-like flowers.
Globe Amaranth 15-24 inches; plant March-July 15; blooms July-frost; sun. Border plant. Flowers in masses.
Gloriosa Daisy 24-36 inches; plant year-round; blooms July-Oct.; sun. Very hardy.
Hollyhock 48-72 inches; plant Sept.-May; blooms April-June; sun. Very hardy.
Lobellia 6-10 inches; plant year-round; blooms year-round; shade. May freeze in winter. Compact grower. Good for borders, edgings, and rock gardens.
Marigolds 8-36 inches; plant April-Sept.; blooms June-frost; sun. Very hardy. Types for all locations.
Nierembergia 12-15 inches; plant year-round; blooms year-round; sun. Cup-shaped flowers. Good for borders, edging, rock gardens, and window boxes.
Periwinkle 18-24 inches; plant March-Dec.; blooms May to frost; sun or shade. Very hardy. For beds or borders.
Phlox 10-15 inches; plant Oct.-May; bloom March-July; sun. Good for borders, edging, or rock gardens. Good as cut flower.
Portulaca 4-6 inches; plant Feb.-June; blooms April-frost; sun. Excellent low-growing, trailing plant for hot, sunny locations.
Shasta Daisy 18-30 inches; plant Sept.-march; blooms April-June; sun. One of the best perennials for Arizona.
Sweet Alyssum 6-12 inches; plant year-round; blooms year-round; sun. Excellent for borders, edging, and rockeries. Blooms profusely. Very hardy.
Sweet William 12-18 inches; plant year-rund; blooms 3-4 times/year; sun. Good in mass effect. Good for cut flowers.
Verbena 8-12 inches; plant year-round; blooms year-round; sun. Excellent for ground cover or edging.
Violets 8-10 inches; plant year-round; blooms 3-4 times/year; semi-shade. Excellent bedding plant for shady location. Violet blue flowers.
Zinnias 12-36 inches; plant April-Oct.; blooms June-frost; sun. Tall and dwarf varieties. Types for all locations and uses.

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