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Orange Trees for sale at Harlow Gardens Tucson.


Citrus care, varieties, fruit, blossom drop and recovery.


Birds, butterflies, javelin, rabbits, ladybugs and tortoises.

Feathery Cassia for sale at Harlow Gardens Tucson.

Trees, Shrubs & Vines

hardy and salt tolerant plants. Landscape, grasses and proven vines for Tucson.

Vegetables & Herbs

Chili peppers, tomatoes, herbs, planting dates, vegetable and herb care and problems.


Creating a flower or vegetable garden from seed.

Plant Care

New plant care, garden recovery, and plant disorders.


Rose planting and care. Fragrant varieties. Symbolism and meaning.

Annuals & Perennials

Fall, winter and summer annuals and perennials. Care and problems.

Specialty / Indoor Plants

Bulbs, Amaryllis, African Violets, Bromeliads, Iris, Orchids, and Christmas Cactus.

Agave Blue Glow for sale at Harlow Gardens Tucson.

Cacti / Succulents

Flowering and landscape cacti. Planting instructions, agaves and ocotillos.

Container Gardening

Creating stunning container gardens.

Garden Pharmacy

Fertilizers, pesticides, organics, soils and composting in your garden.