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Plant of the Week – Tecoma Hybrids

Plant of the Week – Tecoma Hybrids

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Tecoma Hybrids

Crimson Flare, Sierra Apricot,Sunrise, Orange Jubilee,
Gold Star, Red Hot
Showy shrubs with colorful 2” long trumpet-shaped flowers
  • Blooms continuously late spring through fall
  • Extremely reliable with minimum care
  • Thrives in our summer heat
  • Loved by Hummingbirds
  • Recovers quickly after a cold winter
  • Drought resistant but looks best with periodic soakings
  • Perfect for Xeriscapes
  • Pinching tip growth maintains bushiness
  • Choose from hybrids that grow anywhere from 3′ to 12′
  • Orange Jubilee excellent for screening.
  • Smaller growing Red Hots and Apricot excellent in pots.