Plant of the Week – Desert Rose

Plant of the Week – Desert Rose

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Desert Rose

Adenium obesum

  • Perfect for most any plant lover
  • Commonly called Desert Rose or Karoo Rose
  • Related to the common Oleander, these are tough plants.
  • Make superb specimens in decorative pots.
  • Both the swollen, twisted stems and large bright flowers are eye-popping.
  • Adeniums do well in the desert but they are not desert plants.
  • Provide regular water during warm weather, dryness during winter.
  • Adeniums can be grown indoors or out. Move indoors during cold weather.

Pictured above:
Top row from Left: Noble Concubine, Daeng Udom Sap, Pearl
Middle row from Left: CC 45, Strawberries and Cream
Bottom row from Left: New BKK 1, Double Dark Pink, Pink Pearl