Flowers on a Budget..Think Seeds

Flowers on a Budget..Think Seeds

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A beautiful bed of summer flowers is not an impossible goal, even in Tucson.  Planting these flowers from seed is an economical and rewarding way to achieve summer gardening splendor.

Plant your summer flower seeds beginning in March.  Just be sure to keep an eye on the nighttime temperatures which can sometimes hover around freezing.  If that happens after the seeds have sprouted, be sure to cover them for protection from the cold.

Planting seeds can either be done in pots or in a garden bed.  For planting in pots all you really need is to fill the pot with a good potting soil that promotes good drainage.  We recommend the Black Gold All-Purpose Potting Soil.  To prepare your garden bed for planting, loosen the soil to a depth of about 10 inches.  Mix mulch into your loosened soil with the goal of having one-half existing soil and one-half mulch.

Now it’s time to choose your seeds.  Pay attention to the height of each variety so you can make a good planting plan.  Listed below are the flower seeds that will grow in summer:

  • Cosmos
  • Sunflowers
  • Zinnias
  • Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia)
  • Vinca (Periwinkle)
  • Coleus (for shady areas)
  • Salvia

O.K.  You’ve done the hard work of planting.  Now it’s time to water and watch your babies sprout.  When water, use a gentle spray of water that won’t wash the seeds out of the soil for the first 10 days to 2 weeks, water morning and evening.  The seeds only need enough water to get them wet since they don’t have roots yet.  After seedlings have sprouted, water them once a day.  Keep this schedule throughout the summer.

Begin your fertilizing routine after your seedlings have been growing for a month.  Be consistent with whatever fertilizer you choose because the flowers are very actively growing and can use the feedings.

Now—sit back and enjoy your beautiful flower garden.  Don’t forget your garden shears!

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