The Right Light

The Right Light

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The Right Light

                 I’ve heard many people say they kill indoor plants. I don’t think they are entirely to blame. The amount of indirect light an indoor plant receives is crucial to its survival. Most indoor spaces are just too dark to support even the hardiest of plants.

                Sansevieria (Snake Plant), Cast Iron Plant, ZZ Plant, and pothos will tolerate low light conditions, but their growth will be slow – if they grow at all.

                So how do you know if you have enough light? Typically, next to windows or under skylights are your best bet. A plant just 10 feet away form a window can receive far less indirect light than one right next to the window.

                My indoor plants love my east facing sliding window. They get some morning sun certain times of the year, and bright indirect the rest of the time. My favorite plant to grow in this spot are phalaenopsis orchids. They love the lighting so much, they rebloom! This is with little more than regular water, and a very, very occasional fertilization.

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by Cara Bohardt, Desert Gardener