Plant of the Week – Plumetastic™ Pink Muhly Grass

Plant of the Week – Plumetastic™ Pink Muhly Grass

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Plumetastic™ Pink Muhly Grass

Muhlenbergia capillaris ‘Irvine’

We’ve never been a great fan of “grasses”. So when we saw this display in the 200 block of North Rosemont, just south of the Post Office (Nov 2017), we were delighted.
The glittering clouds of vivid purple-pink plumes lasted for three months. Go by today and you won’t see the flowers, but you will see how beautiful this grass can be without flowers.
This plant features:
  • Stately and showy foliage
  • Fast growth and easy care (cut to ground in late winter)
  • Delicate, airy, purplish-pink flowers that wave and shimmer in the wind
  • Long blooming period
  • Grows in full sun to partial shade
  • Water regularly-weekly or more often in extreme heat.
  • Purplish-pink flowers

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