Plant of the Week – Butterfly Bush

Plant of the Week – Butterfly Bush

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Butterfly Bush

Buddleia Buzz™

Buzz™ Buddleia Butterfly Bush is a relatively new dwarf hybrid that grows only one-third the size (3-5’) of its parent (10-15’).
  • Attractive, compact growth habit.
  • Large, graceful flower spikes appear for many months.
  • Delightfully scented,
  • Flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds.(if you let the flowers go to seed, they may also attract birds)
Most people remove faded flowers so as to encourage more flowering.
  • Excellent cut flower for indoors.
  • Very handsome in a decorative pot, bringing the butterflies and hummingbirds closer in.
  • Needs only average, but well drained soil, and regular water during the summer.
  •  Buzz™ is cold hardy to at least 10 degrees and should do well anywhere in the Tucson area.


  • I have a couple of butterfly bushes planted in the ground but they are not growing much, let alone flowering. Any suggestions?

  • Good Afternoon Diana,
    Butterfly Bush is a spring and fall bloomer here in Tucson. I would prune back anything that looks really bad and give it some bloom enhancing fertilizer, like Growmore Super Bloomer. This will help it look good this fall. Also, they are not a xeriscape plant, so be sure you are watering enough.

    Thank you,

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