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Annuals/Perennials for Fall/Winter

Annuals/Perennials for Fall/Winter

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African Daisy Annual; 16 inches; Sun; Showy beds(reseeds); Yellow orange, White
Ageratum Perennial; 8 inches; Shade. Pots, Borders(frost tender); Blue-Purple
Alyssum Annual; 4 inches; Sun; Border plant; Red-Pink, Blue-Purple, White
Begonia Perennial; 12-18 inches; Semi-shade. Beds, borders, pots(frost tender); White
Calendula Annual; 15-18 inches; Sun; Beds, borders, pots; Yellow-orange
Candytuft Iberis Perennial; 12 inches; Sun; Groundcover, rock garden, borders; White
Carnations Perennial; 18 inches; Sun; Cut flowers, beds; Assorted
Chrysanthemum Perennial; to 30 inches; Sun; Cut flowers, beds, pots; White
Chrysanthemum paludosum Perennial; to 15 inches; Sun; Beds, pots; Assorted
Coral Bells Perennial; to 18 inches; Sun; Beds; Red-pink
Delphinium Perennial; to 4 ft; Semi-shade; Beds, pots; Red-pink, Blue-purple, White
Dianthus Perennial; 10-15 inches; Sun; Beds, borders, pots; Red-pink, White
Foxglove Annual; to 2 ft; Sun; Cut flowers, beds, pots; Assorted
Gazania Perennial; to 10 inches; Sun; Groundcover, borders, pots; Assorted
Geranium Perennial; to 3 ft; Winter Sun; Best in pots; Assorted
Iceland Poppy Annual; to 1 ft; Sun; Beds, borders, pots; Assorted
Johnny Jump-Up Annual; 6 inches; Sun; Borders, pots(reseeds); Blue-purple
Lobelia Perennial; 4-5 inches; Semi-shade; Borders(Frost tender); Blue-purple, White
Nierembergia Perennial; 6-12 inches; Sun; Rock gardens, borders, pots; Blue-purple
Osteospermum Perennial; 6 inches; Sun; Trailing groundcover, hanging baskets; Blue-purple, white
Pansy Annual; 6-8 inches; Sun, shade; Beds, borders, pots, cut flowers; Assorted
Petunia Annual; 12 inches; Winter sun; Beds, borders, pots, hanging baskets; Assorted
Primula malacoides Annual; 12 inches; Semi-sun; Beds, borders, pots(plant in Nov); Red-pink, Blue-purple, White
Primula polyantha Annual; 6 inches; Shade; Beds, borders, pots; Assorted
Ranunculus Perennial; to 2 ft; Sun; Showy beds, pots(bulbs); Assorted
Shasta Daisy Perennial; 18-20 inches; Sun; Borders, beds, cut flowers, pots; White
Snapdragon(dwarf) Annual; 6-8 inches; Sun; Borders, pots; Assorted
Snapdragon(tall) Annual; to 2 1/2 ft; Cut flowers, background; Assorted
Stock Annual; 18-24 inches; Sun; Cut flowers, pots, beds; Assorted
Sweet Peas(bush) Annual; 24 inches; Sun; Gardens, borders, pots; Assorted
Sweet Peas(vine) Annual; Sun; Climbers, background, cut flowers; Assorted
Verbena Perennial; 8 inches; Sun; Trailing groundcover, hanging baskets; Red-pink
Viola Annual; 6-8 inches; Sun, shade; Borders, pots, beds; Assorted

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