Shiny Xylosma

Xylosma congestum

Xylosma was a very popular landscaping plant in Phoenix in the 1950s, and while it may not be used as widely today, it is still a great plant that almost always looks nice and is very easy to grow. New foliage emerges as a reddish-bronze color, aging to a bright, shiny green. Flowers are not particularly showy; however, they are followed by a dark colored berry that birds may be attracted to. Xylosma is versatile; it can be trained as a small tree or grown as a hedge or topiary. It takes well to shearing and clipping. Plant Xylosma with lantana, passion flower, and crape myrtle.

Light Needs: Full sun to partial shade.

Watering Needs: Once established, needs only occasional watering.

Average Landscape Size: Grows 8 to 15ft. tall and wide.

Key Features: Great for screen or hedge.

Blooms: N/A

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