Mock Orange

Pittosporum tobira

Mock Orange is named for its springtime clusters of small white flowers that have a scent reminiscent of orange blossoms. Though their fragrance is delightful, Mock Orange is valued more for its greenery than it is for its flower power. This evergreen shrub is densely packed with glossy, dark green foliage that forms a uniform mound with little to no pruning. However, if pruning is your passion, then Mock Orange is OK with that, too! Whether used in formal or informal settings, it looks great as a foundation, a screen for utility boxes, a trimmed or natural hedge, or a long-lived container plant.

Light Needs: This shrub can take morning sun but does better if it is in the shade by the time the afternoon sun comes.

Watering Needs: Water regularly – weekly or more often in extreme heat.

Average Landscape Size: Grows 6 to 15 feet high and 4 to 10 feet wide.

Key Features: Grows small clusters of white flowers.

Blooms: Flowers in spring.

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