Gregg’s Mist Flower

Gregg’s Mist Flower

Conoclinium greggii

This low-growing herbaceous perennial is a butterfly favorite which makes it a people favorite too! Fuzzy, lavender-purple flowers are borne in clusters atop branches of brilliant green, finely-textured foliage from early spring through fall. During this time, Gregg’s Mist Flower can be recognized from afar by the constant butterfly traffic jam occurring around it. Though it may go dormant and even freeze to the ground in winter, its tough roots are hardy to 0°F and the plant quickly recovers in spring. Gregg’s Mist Flower is lovely when planted in mass under the filtered shade of desert trees, and is great for containers near patios; where the entertaining butterfly activity can be enjoyed at close range.

Light Needs:Full sun in winter and partial to filtered shade in summer

Watering Needs:Water regularly.

Average Landscape Size: 1-2ft x 1-2ft

Key Features:Spring through fall

Blooms: Purple butterfly magnets