Justicia californica

Chuparosa is a must-have shrub for every hummingbird garden across the arid southwest! Blooming from spring to fall, its deep red tubular flowers are the quintessential shape and color for attracting the little flying jewels. People enjoy these bright flowers too, not only for their colorful contribution to the desert palette, but also for their fresh flavor, similar to cucumber, that makes a nice addition to any salad. Chuparosa’s blue-green stems are moderately succulent and remain attractive and interesting when the light green leaves drop from the plant during winter or times of drought. Younger plants may freeze to the ground in winter, but recover rapidly in spring.

Light Needs: This shrub loves full sun.

Watering Needs: Once established, needs only occasional watering.

Average Landscape Size: Grows up to 6 feet high and up to 12 feet wide.

Key Features: Waterwise.

Blooms: Flowers Flowers spring through fall.