Plant of the Week – Pipa’s Red Fringe Flower

Plant of the Week – Pipa’s Red Fringe Flower

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Pipa’s Red Fringe Flower

Loropetalum chinense ‘Pipa’s Red’

Every garden needs plants with contrasting foliage and there is none better than the Pipa’s Red Fringe Flower. Long, narrow, very rich burgundy foliage is the perfect backdrop for the hot pink, fringe-like flowers. Pipa’s Red is an easy to grow accent plant, at home in a container or in the ground. Extremely cold hardy.

  • Purchased one and planted it on March 14 in the ground. When should I see some flowers? It is being watered twice a week ( monday and friday for 2 hours each.) Is this enough water?

  • Our stock is showing buds on March 29. Check your plant closely for buds.
    Your watering schedule seems okay. If your plant is wilting in the AM, it needs more water. As long as it is not wilting it should be okay.

    Thank you,

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