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Plant of the Week – Living Stones/Pebble Plant

Plant of the Week – Living Stones/Pebble Plant

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Eccentric little rock stars

  • Look like pebbles and can be nearly as tough.
  • Native to sandy deserts that get no rain most of the year.
  • Grows only 1” high with a spread of 9”
  • Place indoors in bright window
  • Provide 4-5 hours of full sun a day.
  • Leave alone from late fall through spring.
  • Around November , the plant body will open to produce a new pair of leaves.
  • As these grow, they feed off the old leaves, which gradually shrivel and become paper thin.
  • Begin watering in spring, once absorption of old leaves is complete. 
  • Through summer, observe the plants and water only if wrinkles appear for several days.