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Plant of the Week – Gold Star Tecoma

Plant of the Week – Gold Star Tecoma

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Gold Star Tecoma

Tecoma stans ‘Gold Star’

Tecoma stans ‘Gold Star’, blooms early and often.
Now in bloom all over town!
  • Also known as Yellow Bells or Esperanza,This plant was selected from a San Antonio garden for its early bloom habit.
  • Also noted for its extreme heat tolerance and pest resistance.
  • This heat lover will bloom from the time it warms up in spring until the first frost.
  • Hummingbirds love the flowers! Works especially well in containers or mass plantings.
  • It grows so quickly, and flowers at such an early age, that it is popular in colder regions as an annual.
  • Root hardy to 20 degrees.
  • To maintain a 4’-5’ foot shrub, cut back heavily in late winter.