Plant of the Week – Candelilla

Plant of the Week – Candelilla

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Euphorbia antisyphilitica

  • Looking for a low-growing, tough, heat tolerant, cold hardy accent plant? This may be the prefect choice.
  • A native of the Chihuahuan Desert, This nearly leafless plant has pencil-like gray-green stems with a waxy coating.
  • Tiny pink flowers are produced in clusters following spring and summer rains.
  • Extremely drought tolerant, Candelilla performs best in full sun (including reflected heat).
  • Requires minimal water once established and is cold hardy to 10 degrees.
  • Works well as a single accent, in a mass planting, in rock gardens, or in a pot. Grows one foot by 2-3 feet.
  • As with most Euphorbias avoid the milky sap as it can irritate your skin.


  • Where can I buy some of these plants in Tucson AZ for my landscape?

  • Good Afternoon Jennifer,
    Please come see us at Harlow Gardens – 5620 E Pima St, just east of Craycroft, 520-298-3303.

    Thank you,

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