Little Leaf Ash

Fraxinus greggii

Little Leaf Ash is a hardy evergreen that can be grown as a large shrub or a small tree. The shrub form requires little to no pruning to maintain, and it’s low, multi-branching habit serves as an ideal screen or landscape foundation. Training Little Leaf Ash into a small tree has benefits as well, especially since there are so few clean and green patio-sized trees that do well in the Southwest! Removing lower branches reveals attractive grey bark that can be showcased in raised planters or containers for a dramatic impact. Place them near pools, patios or entryways for extra shade and architectural interest.

Light Needs: Full sun to partial Shade.

Watering Needs: Needs regular watering – weekly, or more often in extreme heat.

Average Landscape Size: Large Shrub or Small Tree.

Key Features: Evergreen.

Blooms: N/A