Baja Fairy Duster

Calliandra californica

Plant one of these low-maintenance beauties and forget about messy hummingbird feeders and sugar water! The red, feather-like plumes of the Baja Fairy Duster will have hummers visiting your garden from early spring through fall while furnishing your garden with color nearly year-round. Exceptional heat and drought tolerance, ferny semi-evergreen foliage and the open, rounded form of this shrub make it a versatile choice; a perfect fit in natural landscapes, or as a specimen in the more manicured garden. For best results, provide this Baja California native with good drainage, at least 6 hours of full sun, and irrigate once a month.

Light Needs: This shrub likes full sun.

Watering Needs: Once established, needs only occasional watering.

Average Landscape Size: The Baja Fairy Duster will grow 4 to 6 feet high and 4 to 5 feet wide.

Key Features: Waterwise.

Blooms: Flowers Flowers spring through fall.

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