History of Harlow Gardens

We could do an introductory paragraph here about the business why it started, whose idea it was, who had the passion for landscaping, and how it was passed on through the generations.

  • Pre 1930's

    April 4, 1905

    John M. Harlow Sr. is born in Rutland, Vermont


    John M. Harlow Sr. attends Central High School in Duluth, Minnesota, until 1923


    John M. Harlow Sr. attends Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, until 1924


    John M. Harlow Sr. receives his BA from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. He did graduate work at Massachusetts State College and Iowa State College


    John M. Harlow Sr. works for two years as an insurance salesman

  • 1930s


    John M. Harlow Sr. runs a private practice in Duluth, Minnesota, until October 1933


    John M. Harlow Sr. works for the National Park Service in Decatur, Iowa, until May 1934


    John Harlow Sr. runs a private practice in landscape design and construction until August 1934


    John Harlow Jr. works for the National Park Service in St. Paul, Minnesota, until May 1935.


    John Harlow Sr. resigns from Park Service to activity work in landscaping partnership in Minnesota


    John Harlow Sr. partnership dissolves and Harlow continues in private practice in Minnesota


    John Harlow Sr. joins the City of Duluth Park Department as a landscape engineer for W.P.A. projects until 1937 while continuing his own practice in Minnesota


    John Harlow Sr. becomes a Minnesota registered landscape architect


    John and Mary Harlow spend a year traveling throughout the Southwest for a winter location to augment the limited landscaping season in Duluth, Minnesota.


    John Harlow Sr. works in private practice as a landscape architect and contractor in both Minnesota and Tucson until 1942.


    New employee: master bricklayer and landscaper Bob Birno becomes John Harlow’s first employee and works in both Duluth and Tucson. May have started in 1939 or 1934


    John Harlow Sr. establishes landscape architecture/construction business in Tucson as sole proprietor (also often cited as 1940)


    Project: Chisholm (resident of Duluth?) home in the Arizona Biltmore Estates in Phoenix.


    John M. Harlow Sr. becomes an Arizona registered ladnscape contractor