Dreading Deadheading

Dreading Deadheading

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Dreading Deadheading

Typically, I like deadheading my flowers. Watching a plant go from messy and unattractive to tidy and beautiful is one of my favorite things. But like most other outdoor activities this time of year, I don’t want to.

So, like I stated in my last blog post, Thrillers, Spillers and Fillers, I will tackle this one pot at a time. Breaking up daunting tasks, like 15 pots needing attention, into smaller groups, makes them more manageable. Then I feel it’s more of a hobby, less of a chore.

Over the past weekend, I managed to deadhead two pots. The gaillardia looks gorgeous after its trim. The blooming flowers buried by the dead flowers now shine and stand out.

With the gomphrena, I may have gotten carried away. This plant now looks sparse, but then I remind myself of the ultimate goal of deadheading- to send energy to produce new blooms. (When a flower is done blooming, the plant puts its energy into going to seed thereby forfeiting production of new flowers.)

So in other words, if you go a too far in your deadheading, don’t worry, you will reap a colorful reward in the following weeks.

Gaillardia Before

Gaillardia After

Gomphrena Before

Gomphrena After

by Cara Mia Bohardt, Desert Gardener

Do you enjoy deadheading your flowers?