Chili Peppers

Chili Peppers

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AJI – Use in green or red state. Tapers to a point; 3-5” long; thin flesh; tropical fruit flavor. Use in cerviches, salsa, sauce, or pickled. Heat 7.8.

ANCHO PABLANO – Large heart-shaped, mild – excellent flavor; called Pablano when used green. Use peeled for rellenos or in soups, or can be used dried. 4-5” long; 100 days from transplant. Heat 3-5.

CHILI DE ARBOL Tree-like plant, 3-4’ tall. Produces lots of 3-4” chiles. Use in sauces, dried or in miniature ristras. Smoky flavor. 90 days from transplant. Heat 7.5.

CHILE MULATO – Dark brown when dried, similar to Ancho but smokier flavor. Shape is broad and tapering; 4-5” long and 2-3” across. Medium thick flesh; pods are mild. Essential in mole sauce and can be used in soups and stews. Heat 2-4.

CHILE PIQUINA – Light orange-red oval shape or arrowhead; small ½” long and ¼” diameter. Thin flesh, light sweet, smoky, nutty. Very hot! Use in salsa, soup, sauce, or to flavor vinegar. Use dried also. Perennials, yield better second year (put in pots and take in for winter). 120 days from transplant. Heat 8.5.

CHOCOLATE BEAUTY – (Sweet bell) Use green or ripe to rich chocolate color. Good producer; superior in size, color, and flavor. Heat 1-2.

CONQUISTADOR SPANISH PAPRIKA – New; 6-7” and lots of flavor without heat. Use green or ripen dry to brittle stage and pulverize in blender. Rich, red powder to use with poultry, fish, meat, pasta and vegetables. 72 days from transplant. Very mild, but flavorful.

HABANERO – Hottest pepper offered! Ornamental; brightly colored lantern shape; lime-green to orange. Wear gloves when preparing. Use for sauces, pickled, mix with lime juice and salt; mix in tomatoes and onions; 2” long and 1 ¼ – 1 ¾” in diameter. Contains approximately 100 seeds. 120 days from transplant. Heat 10.

NEW MEXICO VALLERO – Use them either green or ripe. Mild meaty flesh; 7-8” long. Adds a delicious flavor to vegetables, egg, or cheese dishes. Use for chiles rellenos. Makes great chili sauce. Same chile used for sauce in “Banney & Mahina’s restaurant in New Mexico. Dark red, and medium heat. 88 days from transplant.

NU-MEX (BIG JIM) – Large (5 = 1 lb.) Mild to medium-hot. 8-9” long; thick wall. Perfect for chile rellenos. Approx. 100 seeds. 80 days from transplant. Heat 2-6.

NU-MEX (NAKY) – Mild, medium size. Good for cooking or dried. Named after Dr. Nakyana at New Mexico State University. 80 days from transplant. Heat 1-2.

PASILLA – Known as “Chili negro” (little raisin.) Dark brown, wrinkled; 5-6″ long and 1-1½ ” across. Thin flesh, tastes like berry/grape/herbaceous with a hint of licorice. Used in mole sauce; good for seafood. Also used in powdered form. Heat 3-5.

PEPPERONCINI – Orange-red, wrinkled; 2-3” long and ½” across. Thin flesh and sweet; can be used to flavor tomato sauce and seafood dishes. Heat 5.

PETER PEPPER Ripe form of rare ornamental; bright red, crinkled; medium to thick flesh; sweet and hot. Use in salsa. Heat 7-5.

PIMENTO – Scarlet, almost heart-shaped, 4” long, 2½ – 3” in diameter. Fleshy, sweet, aromatic; can be mild to slightly hot; mostly used as powder. Use fresh in salads; canned as garnish. Heat 1.

PIQUIN CHILI – Firecracker – Bush to 3’ – no staking needed. Pointed, 1” long, glossy purple, matures to red; fiery, fruity hot, more than Serrano. Heat 7-8.

QUADRATO D’ORO – Deep gold bell; Dutch hybrid; full flavor, large, glossy, thick juicy walls. Ripen from green to gold. Eat alone or in salads. Disease resistant.

RED SCOTCH BONNET – Closely related to Habanero – Very hot! Fruity, smoky flavor. Small bell-shaped, 1½” long and 1½” diameter. Essential ingredient in Jamaican jerk sauce and Caribbean curry. Heat 9-10.

ROCOTILLO – Resembles Habanero or Scotch Bonnet (hot). Orange-yellow to deep red; rounded; 1” long and 1¾” diameter. Thin flesh; mildly fruity and intense heat. Use pickled, in ceviche, or salsa. Heat 7-8.

SANDIA HOT – Hot, thin-walled. For hot chile, use red or green, fresh or dried. 80 days from transplant. Heat 9-10.

SERRANO – Small, slender, rounded chile. Pickle, use raw, cooked, in salsa or guacamole. For raw salsa, combine: diced tomatoes, green onion, garlic, chile, cilantro, salt and lime juice; blend in blender. Chile may be frozen; blanch for 3 minutes.125 days from transplant. Heat 7.

TABASCO – Small, 1 – 1½” long. Very hot! Bushy plants; bright orange/red; sharp taste of onion and celery, and the main ingredient in Tabasco sauce. 125 days from transplant. Heat 7-8.

THAI HOTBright, medium green to red; 1-1½” long and ¼” diameter; thin flesh, meaty, copious seeds, and lingering heat. Southeast Asian cooking. Good in salads and noodle dishes. Heat 7-8.

YELLOW SCOTCH BONNET – Same as Red Scotch Bonnet above, but yellow. Heat 9-10.
ARIANE ORANGE BELL – Bright orange and smaller than green pepper; 3-4” long, 3” diameter; thick flesh, very sweet. Use in salad, salsa, stew, and pasta. Can be grilled or roasted. Heat 0.

CORNO DI TORRO – Red and yellow; Italian favorites. Heavy bearer; vigorous plant; 8-12” long, curved and tapered with sweet flesh. Good in salads or sautéed with tomatoes, olive oil, garlic & basil. Serve with fresh bread & hard cheese. 70 days from transplant. Very mild.

IVORY CHARM – Newly released; 4-lobe fruit; ivory/white to pastel yellow; prolific; very mild.

LILAC BELL – Bright medium-light lavender; 5-6” long, 3” diameter; thick flesh; not as sweet as red or yellow. Darkens when cooked; can be roasted. Use in salads. Heat 0.

VIDI – French hybrid, early harvest. 6-7” long with thick, crunchy flesh; mild and sweet. Use green or ripe; intense deep red at maturity. Use for snacks, stuffed, or grilled. 64 days from transplant.

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