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Where to Plant

  • Bulbs will do well almost anywhere in your garden.
  • Good drainage is important.
  • Place plants in groups or clusters of the same variety or color.
  • Tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths in clusters of at least 8 bulbs.
  • The smaller bulbs should have at least 25 in a group.
  • Bulbs require at least a half day of sun or filtered sunlight, and many will take full sun.
  • Bulbs also do well in pots.
  • Tulips and hyacinths, when planted in a shady area, will last longer and grow taller.
  • Ranunculus will give the most color over the longest period of time.

Preparing New Beds

  • Select an area and loosen soil to about 1 foot.
  • For each 100 sq. ft. area, mix in 8 bags (1.5 cu. ft.) of Black Gold Soil Builder, 2 lbs. of Soil Sulfur and 2 lbs. of Triple Super Phosphate.
  • Rake and level the area.
  • Soak a time or two before planting to settle the soil.
  • Re-rake and level.

Planting Your Bulbs

  • Plant bulbs (tulips, daffodils, hyacinths) 6″ deep; plant small bulbs (crocus, allium, muscari) about 3″ deep.
  • Plant hyacinths and daffodils about 5″ apart; tulips 4″ apart; smaller bulbs 1-2″ apart.
  • Hyacinths and tulips should be chilled in a paper bag in the refrigerator (tulips for 6-8 weeks; hyacinths for 4 weeks). They do best if planted in early October. Flowers last the longest with afternoon shade.

After Planting

  • As soon as the bed is planted, water thoroughly.
  • Water again when soil is dry down to the bottom of the bulb. Check with your finger, pencil, etc.
  • When soil is kept too wet initially, top growth is forced too soon with no root system to supply the leaves with water.
  • After good top growth shows, keep the bed damp, NOT WET, until after bloom is finished.

After Flowering

  • Fertilize in the 6-week period following bloom to ensure good bloom for the following year.
  • Fertilize twice, 3 weeks apart with Growmore Super Bloomer.
  • Never cut green foliage from bulbs!
  • Bulbs should be kept dry in the summer.
  • If other flowers are to be planted in the bed – dig, wash, and dry the bulbs in the shade and store in a paper bag in the house until next season.
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